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Okay, so I haven’t had a blog since high school, and I really don’t want to use facebook notes for everything.  I just thought it might be a fun way to keep anyone who is interested up to date on what’s going on with me!

So, I can’t belive Christmas is almost here.  Have you ever had that feeling on Friday afternoon when you are about to get done with work/your last class/whatever it is you do during the week that the weekend is already slipping away from you?  That’s how I’m feeling about Christmas right now.  It’s already slipping away!  I just love the holiday season so much, and I can’t belive that it’s almost over already. 

The holidays have always been special.  I love the lights everywhere and all the shopping and the decoration at the mall.  After Christmas is over, everything goes back to looking so… normal.  Can’t we leave the decorations up year round?  I even like the way my apartment is arranged better with a Christmas tree in it!  It seems like you work so hard to make it look beautiful and then it lasts for less than a month before you have to take it all down again!  Anyway, like I said, the holdiays have always been special, but when Craig proposed surrounded by Christmas lights, they became even more incredible.  I am so happy that we get to celebrate this Christmas together… our very first Christmas as husband and wife!  And the first time we’ve ever seen each other on Christmas day… it really is amazing.  This is such a romantic time of year and I’m so glad I have a new, amazing husband to celebrate it with.

Anyway, we finally got our wedding album yesterday (totally our fault… we got distracted with settling into our life together and neglected our wedding pictures) and it is so beautiful!  I can’t wait to show it around!  I will definitely be bringing it with me all around so make sure you ask to see it next time we’re together. 🙂

Anyway, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and enjoys spending time with family and hopefully sleeping in a little. 🙂


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